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Smelters boxing gym is located in Avonmouth Bristol and open to everyone over the age of 8. Joining Smelters Boxing couldn’t be easier, just turn up to one of our classes or contact us through the website. Classes run throughout the week with a small weekly members fee.

Train Hard, Fight Easy

Smelters Boxing Gym Bristol Training Times

Training Times

Smelters Bristol Boxing Gym Facilities

The Smelters Amateur Boxing gym in Bristol has fantastic facilities, including 2 16ft boxing rings and 14 punch bags. Smelters also has other fitness and training equipment such as Olympic free weights, dumb bells and benches, Kettlebells and medicine balls. As boxing training involves a lot of movement we also have a large sports sprung wooden floored and mirrored training area for perfecting techniques.

All equipment is provided, Skipping Ropes, Headgaurds, Protectors, Sparring & Bag Gloves.

Training at Smelters Boxing Gym

We endeavour at the NSC to teach our boxers that defence first is the art of boxing ‘hit without being hit’. With the introduction of computer scoring, one punch one point, it is even more important not to take unnecessary punches.

At your service is ABA senior coach Garry Cave, ABA coaches Courtney Burke, Matt Fenwick PT, Joe Burnham, Dan Goldstone, Sam Smyth & Tyler Davies PT who will be happy to answer any of your training queries. They are also all qualified first aiders.
If you have an injury prior to or during the training session please inform them so they may take this into consideration during your training program.

When training know your limits; over training is of no benefit, build up slowly. Skilful boxing takes a lot of time and effort so be patient with your progress. Champions are not made over night.

For the beginner, training is targeted towards learning the foundation skills, stance, guard, movement, defence and long range straight punches with fitness taking second place.
All sparring for beginners is of the tech variety where the aim is to practice set moves with a partner. Once you’ve mastered some of the basics we will move into condition sparring, an example of this would be both boxers to use the lead jab and hand defences only.

As your skills and confidence grows light open sparring will be introduced with one of the more experienced boxers in the gym this will stop them becoming wars as the experienced boxer will help you out and show you where you can improve without taking liberties. You will not be forced to spar if you don’t fancy it. The coach closely supervises all the sparring. Gloves, head guards and abdominal protectors are all provided by the club and must be worn; all you just need to buy is a gum shield which you can buy at the gym for £3.
As you become more skilful more fitness training will be incorporated into your programme. All junior and senior novice amateur boxing bouts are of three rounds duration. This sounds short when compared to a 12 round professional world title fight but it will be the most challenging and rewarding thing you have ever done.

Boxers use cross training to achieve their high level of fitness, this means various activities are all used to build a comprehensive training programme this would include gym work, road work, resistance training (weights), flexibility and active recovery day exercises like swimming along with a nutrition programme.
This will get you in the best shape of your life not only for boxing but also for all sports.

A typical beginners session would include a general warm up with range of movement stretches, a specific warm up of shadow boxing (mirror work), tech sparring learning the moves without getting hit, bag work, one on one coaching on the pads where the emphasis will be on technique rather than work rate, a CV & resistance circuit (a selection of exercises specifically chosen to develop your fitness and strength for boxing), an abs & back circuit and finally a warm down and stretch out.

You can train three times for only £3 per week for juniors and £5 per week for a senior, that’s right per week not per session. We have a fully equipped new build gym, with a boxing ring 14 punch bags and balls, weights and benches, Kettle bells, medicine balls, loads of bag & sparring gloves. Plenty of training and sparring partners.
But most important of all a great friendly atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you down the gym, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Garry on 07876 233621 he will be more than happy to help.

You will need standard training clothes; tracksuits and sweatshirts are recommended for the winter months, a towel, and a bottle of water, please drink fluids during the session.

For the following equipment feel free to see the coaches who can provide or purchase these for you: – a skipping rope £6, handwraps £6 (or bandages can be bought from a chemist.) Handwraps will protect your hands and encourage correct punching technique. A gumshield “boil & bite” costs £3.
For sparring (when you are ready) a gumshield & head guard are essential. Head guards can be provided and MUST be worn during all sparring.

For the boxing team headguards, abdominal protectors and a boxing kit are all provided free by the club.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask