Main Event Stealth Boxing Boots have been designed, trialled and tested in the U.K over the last 3 years. 

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These boots are by far the most comfortable boxing boots that have ever been produced. The inner soles give you a soft sprung feeling underneath your feet, helping to keep you moving around the ring or the boxing gym with ease and in a Stealth like manner.

There are 2 added straps that will help to keep your feet secured to the boot and make them feel a part of your own body. 
The boots are light and the upper is made from a breathable mesh, to help minimize moisture absorption especially when working out in a hot sweaty gym environment. The soles have a strong flexible rubber outer, that will help keep you moving, stepping and pivoting without any issues.

The boots are really well made throughout and are available in UK Kids Sizes 1 to 5 and up to UK Adult Size 6 to 12. 
We recommend you try your first pair on in store, so we can help you get the very best sizing for your feet.
One of the smartest looking boots in the UK at present too, these boots will get you noticed – Pure Class .!